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With our patented technology, we've created plant-based cheese that matches dairy cheese in taste, texture and quality


Products that feel
and taste authentic

Through dairy cheese making steps such as acidification, coagulation, pressing and maturing with cultures, we are able to achieve products that feel and taste authentic.

Our patented process has allowed us to utilise different sources of protein, fat, and other ingredients. Our understanding of the protein matrix needed for the magic to happen allows us to create without limitations. Through the right maturation, we are able to achieve complex, authentic taste and flavour that aligns with what your consumers want.

Our technology is versatile and can be adapted to fit your needs, equipment, and market group. Here are some examples of what we can do

Ripened cheese

Nutty, white mold rind


Stretchy and meltable

Grilled cheese

Fry it up for burgers and salads

Cream cheese

Spreadable, fresh, and tangy


By combining your goals
and our expertise, we will
customise your product

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The most critical step
in dairy cheese

FÆRM has decided to explore enzymatically creating a protein network in alternative dairy to recreate the most critical step in dairy cheese-making.

We want plant cheese to be as simple and clean as dairy cheese, where the different properties such as taste, color, functionality etc. come from high-quality ingredients that are not overprocessed.

This means that we have to use simple ingredients to promote certain textures, flavors, properties, and functions through familiar treatments such as enzyme treatment, maturation (fermentation), and mechanical treatment (blending, pressing etc.)

We've developed a patented solution to apply dairy sciences to plant-based matrices for high-quality products


Our technology creates a dairy-like matrix in plants. The first of its kind. This makes it possible for us to use liquid, unsaturated fats for our products instead of the commonly used coconut oil, which is connected to off flavor and sustainability issues



We start with a milk of your chosen protein



We add a mix of enzymes to coagulate the fat and protein to form curds



The curd is fermented with carefully selected enzymes to strengthen the aromatic profile



The product is matured to develop dairy-esque flavors and texture

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