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We introduce and tailor specific solutions for your business. We offer expertise in food tech, dairy processes and not least the cheese industry.


Join us for a free workshop, where we bring in our team experts in both technology and business to sketch out the exact product you are looking for.


By combining your goals and our expertise, we will customise your product. Through our patented technology and ongoing R&D we always make sure we achieve your specific dreams for plant based cheese alternatives.


This collaborative approach ensures that your product not only meets your high standards but also reaches the market in a manner that maximizes its potential.


From development
to manufacturing

In the production phase, we will seamlessly transition from development to manufacturing. Under our licensing model with FÆRM, you will take the reins and oversee the production process.

We will provide you with all the necessary tools, guidance, and support to ensure a smooth and efficient production cycle.

This collaborative approach ensures that your product not only meets your high standards but also reaches the market in a manner that maximizes its potential.

Together, we will bring your plant-based cheese alternative to the world, creating a product that’s not only delicious but also environmentally sustainable.

Easy and affordable to implement

Has your company not yet entered the market? Or is your company already in the dairy industry, plant-based industry or similar? In either case, there are financial and qualitative benefits to be gained from our technology.

At FÆRM, we are democratizing plant-based cheese. That means we want to make it easy and affordable to implement our technology - regardless of the size and facilities of your company.

Our technology and process do not transform your business, but is a rather technological addition that creates and strengthens your product.

In addition to our technology, we offer competitive pricing and guidance from our experts in the field.


A patented solution
to apply dairy sciences to
plant based products

Learn more our technology

Differentiate your company with our technology

We offer you a unique opportunity to engage with patented technology that differentiates you from the competition.

With tailored specific solutions for your business, we are collectively able to design a plant-based cheese that suits your customer segment and meets the market demands.

We have great experience with this as our international customers have different requirements. For example, a brie in France is not the same as a brie in Germany, which is why we adjust taste, color, texture, protein sources, shelf life, clean label etc. according to your needs and market demands.

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