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Through our scientific expertise and deep passion for our work, we are able to bring the most inspiring solutions to you


Through cross disciplinary teamwork, FÆRM ensures that all aspects of products and contracts are taken into account, ensuring the best results for our stakeholders


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  1. Through passion for our work, we are able to bring the most inspiring solutions to you.
CEO and co-founder

Andrea Donau

As head of the company, Andrea is the decision maker of all things FÆRM. Andrea represents the company to our stakeholders and controls the direction of future products and goals. With a strong foodtech background and previous start-up experience, Andrea combines the knowledge and skills of the whole team.

COO and co-founder

Mikkel Lau Dupont

With a degree in business administration and years of leadership experience and sales, Mikkel makes sure we have the overview to stay on track with our goals. Mikkel is also fuelled by his own passion for cheese as a lactose intolerant foodie.

Head of Development

Astrid Bonke

Astrid is an expert in dairy and has worked in the dairy industry as well as in plant based research prior to joining FÆRM. Her experience makes her the perfect translator of dairy to plant based. She develops our prototypes and takes lead on scaling.

Head of Research

Martina Moberger Weibull

Martina is an enzyme and protein specialist and has essential scientific experience in the analysis lab. She is lead on researching new proteins and scientific methods, as well as taking care of the science behind all IP related matters.

Product Developer & Microbiologist

Louise Almer

Louise is our microbiology expert and works to enhance both our sensory properties as well as shelf life and food safety. With her wide knowledge of scientific work, she is key at both the prototyping phase as well as evaluating and improving all use of cultures at our analysis laboratories

R&D Project Manager

Sanne Tavares

With a background in sustainable biotechnology and a flair and experience in planning, Sanne works with Agile in our R&D team, which her scientific background makes her an ideal leader of.

Business Developer

Justine Turlin

Justine maps our business plans and customer conversations. With her biotechnology background, she is able to communicate both the science and business of FÆRM and create the agenda of establishing collaborations and partnerships.

Head of Partnerships

Oliver Poschmann

Oliver is FÆRM's expert in building and retaining relationships with stakeholders. With a strong passion for sustainability and a background in food history along with experience within project management, Oliver's versatile skills are benficial in our strategy planning.


Our mission

FÆRM believes that ditching dairy should not come at the expense of enjoying cheese.

That's why our mission is rooted in revolutionizing and democratizing plant-based cheese, for the sake of our business partners and end consumers.

Since 2020, we've assembled an exceptional team of experts and engineers who have managed to do just that. With our groundbreaking, patented technology and process based on the traditional craftsmanship required to produce cheese, we've managed to create plant-based cheese of the finest quality.

We've combatted the reputation of plant-based cheese and created a technology that ensures rich taste and a texture that feels like good old-fashioned cheese.

We provide our technology to companies, dairies and organizations that want to differentiate themselves by producing different, flavourful plant-based cheese.

Our culture

Inclusion, authenticity and happy employees are the cornerstones of FÆRM.

We care about people and so do our employees, which is why we've created an inclusive culture where we can inspire each other and grow together. We believe that the ideal workplace is inclusive and driven by diversity of thought and a can-do-it-mindset.

This fosters our creative science as it enables a safe environment for a trial-and-error approach. This is crucial when it comes to our ability to experiment with plant-based cheese.

This inclusivity and authenticity is not limited to our culture. Quite the contrary. It's imbued in our purpose for establishing the company.

For instance, our delicious, nutritious plant-based cheese creates better alternatives on the market and thereby we include almost 70% of the world's population who are lactose intolerant according to the National Institutes of Health (2018).


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Sustainable work environment

We are firm believers in the notion that a sustainable company has a sustainable work culture.

That's why we make it our mission to create a sustainable work environment that creates job satisfaction and promotes our employees' well-being.

As part of this mission, we combat the societal stress tendency by, for instance, making sure that our employees do not work outside of working hours and by promoting limitless sick days for them as well as their children.

Furthermore, we operate on the premise that our employees work because they want to, not because they have to. This means we trust our employees and are convinced that we all work for a common purpose and goal.

With this trust, we believe they know how they work best, which is why we promote autonomy as one employee states:

"I love the autonomy we have, as I get to use my creativity and work the best way possible for me. Not only do I get to use my time more efficiently, but I actually feel like I take ownership of parts of the company and achieve better results - so it's a win-win-win" - Sanne, Research & Development Project Manager at FÆRM.

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